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GREENTRAC Product Videos Release!

September 28,2020

With weeks of joint efforts, Keter team elaborated 6 short videos of Greentrac series and updated on ourYouTube and Facebook official homepage. You can learn more comprehensive Greentrac through the videos below.

We'd love to give you more support for your order before Christmas!

Here are some quizzes, guess what? for each correct answer, you will get 4 tires for FREE!

Surely if all your answers are correct, you will get 12 FREE TIRES in total! So here we go:

1. What are the features of UHP series Quest-X?

A. Wet Grip A and Speed Code Y
B. Excellent Dynamic Balance and Low Noise
C. 20% Higher Rim Protector
D. All above

2. What's the name of four season tire pattern?

A. Prodrag-S
B. Season Master
C. Journey-X
D. Superange

3. Who is introducing our racing tire Prodrag-S II?

A. Selena
B. Caroline
C. Ellen

Up to 12 tires are waiting for you to get them! Please send us an email back with your answers and let's get the partnership started!

If you have plans to purchase in October, please feel free to contact us.


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